Educational facilities

The architectural complex of Colegio Montfort (1963-65) received the 1965 International Architectural Award. This project , renown for combining the buildings within the natural framework in which they are inscribed, was developed by the prestigious architect D. Antonio Fernández Alba, a member of the Royal Academy of Architecture, and author of well-known projects such as the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center (1986), or the remodeling of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid (1981). Among the many features and  innovations stands  the distribution of spaces and  the general architectural design that represented an especially significant breakthrough in the design and distribution of a school environment.

It should also be acknowledged that, given its technical relevance, the  project maquette, donated by Mr. Fernández Alba, is permanently exhibited in room 38, 5th floor of the George Pompidou Center in Paris.

The School campus has  1.000.000 square metres, of which the sports facilities occupy 16,000. Other 31,000 are dedicated to cultural and educational , and in the rest of the campus there are places where students can enjoy playgrounds and botanical gardens, which have 1.243 different species native of  the Iberian peninsula, America and Africa, that have been studied by the Department of Biology of the School. It is a permanent exhibition in open air of traditional agricultural implements, meeting spaces and corners to enable students to think and enjoy a quality education.