Summer courses


¨Forum Musikae Kids¨

Aimed at children between 6 and 15 years (inclusive). Half board from  9: 00h to 19: 00 hours or full board from monday to friday.

It is an attractive summer music camp offering students a fun an entertaining approach to music and dance teaching  ; educating them in humanistic values such as respect, tolerance and teamwork. In addition to helping them develop the expression, concentration and creativity. Its combined with sports and cultural visits.




“Fun Holidays in July”

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For students from 2 to 12 years. A month for English, creativity, arts, sports and adventure, to carry out a thousand and one funny things.

The timetable will be from 9 to 16 hours, with the possibility of school transportation. It is an educational activity that enables children to take advantage of the holiday time with an extensive program of different activities, interesting and educational, including the following:

  • ENGLISH: Videos, games, chat groups, songs, …colegiomontfort_011
  • WORKSHOPS: Manufacture of bread, pastries, wool, paper recycling,…
  • MUSIC: Puppet theatre, mimic, story telling, plays, dances, songs,…
  • CRAFTS: origami, modelling, painting,…
  • SPORTS: tennis, psychomotor, conducted games, football, basketball, volleyball,…
  • OUTDOORS SCHOOL: The orchard (the breeding stock, the transplant, the irrigation, cultivation, harvesting), recognition of the environment, identification of plants, ecological tours, the herbarium.


library book logo“Catch-up and Reinforcement Course”

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During the summer holiday period (july and august ), for more than 30 years our center has developed a “Catch-up and reinforcement of subjects course” , aimed at students from different schools who have failed subjects and need to perform an extra work in the summer period. Although mastery of the academic contents is the central goal of the program it is also fundamental the personal care and individualized development of each student.

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Cursos de Verano“English in total immersion”

Cursos de Verano


During the month of July,  Montfort School develops an attractive “English as in British Schools” program. With a funny, playful, and eminently practical summer program. For a month, students aged from 7 to 15 years, accompanied by native teachers, study, speak, think and play in English. The objective of this course is for students to be able to  live and learn English , without having to travel to the country of origin of the language,  in an atmosphere as close as possible to which they would enjoy in a British school. The course is designed to be performed in residence.


8.15                  Getting up                                    20.00              Personal hygiene

9.00                 English breakfast                       21.00               Supper

9.30                 English class                               21.30                Break time & sports

11.10                Break                                           23.00              Bed time

11.30                English class

13.00                Lunch

14.00               Spanish siesta

15.00               English class

16.00               Drama club

18.00               Sports and swimming pool

19.00               Chat groups & English movies



Cursos de VeranoCursos de Verano“Spanish for foreigners summer course”

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Every summer , our school develops an “Spanish for foreigners” intensive program during the month of July aimed at students aged between 7 and 16 years. It is performed in residence, allowing them to live in an ideal environment to study the third most spoken language in the world, in an authentic Spanish school. The course is combined with cultural visits and various sporting activities . Students from different nationalities, have the opportunity to improve their Spanish in the country of origin of language, in addition to breathing a unique international experience living with their Spanish counterparts.


8.00                  Getting  up                                    20.00                 Dinner

8.30                  Continental breakfast                 20.30                 Break time

9.00                  Spanish classes                             21.00                  Sports

13.00                Lunch                                             22.00                 Showers

14.00               Spanish siesta                               23.00                  Sleep

16.00               Sports , swimming

18.00               Theatre in SpanishCursos de Verano

19.00               Chat groups & Spanish movies                         


Cursos de VeranoCursos de VeranoSummer programs abroad: Ireland and Canada

Every summer , Montfort School organizes in July, English courses in Ireland,  U.S.A. (New York) and Canada (Toronto area).
Participants have the opportunity to live with students and families of Anglo-Saxon culture, attending classes an authentic Irish and Canadian schools, playing sports and participating in talk shows, sports and cultural outings and visiting the most characteristic parts of the country while learning English in the most appropriate environment and the best means available.

Cursos de Verano