Boarding residences

Residencia de estudiantes

In addition to an excellent education, our boarding school impart such values as consideration, responsibility and reliability, due to the child’s daily interaction with teachers and schoolmates. As a consequence of this pupils learn to set a high standard for themselves, and to be open for the values which they gain by experience in dealing with real life situations. Our boarding school offer chances which cannot be acquired in an ordinary school or by contact with family and friends

Colegio Montfort provides its pupils, male and female, international school boarding residences for students of both sexes from 7 up to 18 years old , with ideal facilities for them to feel joyful, happy and free of everyday problems. They are given the opportunity to carry out a solid and balanced training within a healthy environment in an appropriate atmosphere of control and supervision. The classes and activities, the study and the rest in the boarding school are perfectly programmed so that the students can be  positively motivated.

School activities, sports, recreational and instructional form a whole so that they can feel the residence as an extension of their home. In their free time they have cafeteria, game room, music, reading, video, mini-cinema, pool (outdoor and indoor), gymnasiums, tennis courts, skating, athletics, soccer fields, Fitness centre… The teachers of the residences are always monitoring and in contact with the students 24 hours a day.




8.00                  getting up                            20.00                  dinner

8.30                  breakfast                              20.30                  recess

9.30                  classes                                 21.00                   personal study

17.00              sports, free time                  22.00                   personal hygene

18.00               personal study                   23.00                  bed time