Boarding residences

Boarding residences
“Excellent !!. Spent there the best years of my life . Superb teachers and 1st class facilities . Highly recomendable”
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Colegio Montfort provides its pupils, male and female, with school boarding residences for students  from 7 years old , with ideal facilities for them to feel  happy and free of everyday problems. They are given the opportunity to carry out a solid and balanced training within a healthy environment in an appropriate atmosphere of control and supervision. The classes and activities, the study and the rest in the boarding school are perfectly programmed so that the students can be  positively motivated.

In addition to an outstanding education, our boarders learn values such as consideration, personal autonomy , team work, resilience ,responsibility and reliability, due to their daily interaction with teachers and schoolmates. Pupils learn to set high standards for themselves, and to be open for the values which they gain by experience in dealing with real life situations.

Since its foundation in 1964, Montfort has always been a mixed boarding school and currently about one third of the Senior School boards. There are separate boarding houses for boys and girls, each with comprehensive care, guidance and support appropriate to the age of the pupils.

Concerning the weekends and school holidays, Montfort has developed a flexible approach to boarding in response to parental and student needs. Some students only go home for the three main holidays, others go home most weekends. Some board for the whole of their time at Montfort, others board for perhaps one or two years. About half of the boarders are from overseas, the rest come from many different parts of Spain. Some board at Montfort because it is a prestigious school  and/or their parents came here, others are first generation boarders who perhaps board because both parents work and boarding saves them spending a great deal of time driving to and from School.

Although we offer single rooms , most boarders share a bedroom with other student. There are common rooms for playing table tennis, watching television and other such activities, or for simply having a chat over a cup of coffee and a piece of toast. Resident teaching staff are available at all times and other staff, including the Head and Deputy Head, live on site. We cannot replace parents but we do everything we can to make boarders feel at home. The boarders learn to live in a tightly knit community with a wide age range and a strong international mix. There has to be give and take, and older students provide a helping and supportive hand. All of this is immensely valuable but, above all, many boarders simply find boarding fun.

Boarding helps students to focus on study. Time and energy are not wasted on travel and boarders have access to the School’s excellent library late into the evening and throughout the weekend.

School activities, sports, recreational and instructional form a whole so that they can feel the residence as an extension of their home. In their free time they have cafeteria, game room, music, reading, video, mini-cinema, pool (outdoor and indoor), gymnasiums, tennis courts, skating, athletics, soccer fields, Fitness centre… The teachers of the residences are always monitoring and in contact with the students 24 hours a day.



8.00.   getting up , tidy up and prepare for school

8.30.   breakfast

9.30.   lessons begin (Residences are closed, except for designated times )      

13.30.  lunch

14.00.  break

15,00.   lessons resume

17.00.  day pupils and buses depart. Boarders have sports, free time

18.00.  prep/personal study

20.00.  supper

20.30.  break

21.00.  prep/personal study

22.00.  personal hygene/ showers

23.00.  bed time preparation. Lights out!

The three main meals are taken in the dining hall with school staff. Each house has its own individual area and having been served their food they all sit at their house tables.


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