We visit the Imperial City

We visit the Imperial City



4th year of E.S.O. students had the chance to admire some of the artistic and architectonic treasures of the imperial city.

Before entering the Army Museum they had the opportunity to see and admire the old visigotic capital the from the area of ​​Los Cigarrales. Once inside the Alcázar, I was a pleasant surprise by both the content of the exhibition rooms (among which we highlight here the office of General Moscardó) and Renaissance architecture of the building, especially the arcaded courtyard and imperial staircase, where the group rested all together.

In the cathedral, they had the chance to see the wonderful custody, the choir, the chapter house, the cloister and the rest of the units.

After a well deserved rest, they headed to the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, where they had the chance to witness the spectacular wooden ceiling of the upper cloister.

The itinerary ended in the church of Santo Tomé, where they could admire “The burial of the count of Orgaz”, the extraordinary masterpiece of El Greco.

The latest photographs were captured in the bridge of San Martin, while waiting for the bus after a day not to be forgotten.