“Waterdrops for Niger” race: registration open now!

“Waterdrops for Niger” race: registration open now!


“Without education you have no wealth whatsoever. A country can not develop if its children have no education “
– Rachida Soumana, student of Niger, 14 years –

Montfort ,as a UNICEF friend school, is pleased to invite all families to participate in the race “WATERDROPS FOR NIGER” that will take place next Saturday, June 10th at 9:30 in our school.
This race aims to provide drinking water to schools in Niger. We would be delighted to have your assistance and support in an event that not only combines fun with the healthy practice of sport for the whole family, but also offers the opportunity for all our students, their families and teachers to help thousands of Children of Niger.
Their participation will enable many children to continue their education and enjoy better health by having fresh water and sanitation systems in their schools.
There will be different categories in the race, from the youngest of pre-nursery  to the seniors in high school, in addition of course to teachers and families All can participate by simply acquiring the number for a donation of € 2 that will go entirely to the project “Waterdrops for Niger” . Any additional donation will of course be welcome and UNICEF staff will be available to assist you.
For the correct organization of this solidarity event, participants must indicate the number of tickets they wish to acquire.
We, and UNICEF will be trully glad to  have your presence in this solidarity event !

You can discover further information about this UNICEF campaign by clicking in the image

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