Visit to Cuatro Vientos Air Museum

Visit to Cuatro Vientos Air Museum

Our Secondary Education students spent a day at the Cuatro Vientos Air Museum, where they had the opportunity to get in touch with the past and present of Spanish civil and military aviation.

The Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics, better known as the Air Museum, located 10 km from Madrid on the A5 motorway, occupies an area of ​​66,938 square meters, divided into an outdoor exhibition area and seven hangars that house more than 140 aircraft, As well as uniforms, decorations, engines, models and other aviation related funds.

Among the museum’s collections are unique pieces such as the Villanova-Acedo, the oldest airplane in Spain; The “Jesús del Gran Poder”, with which Captains Iglesias and Jiménez crossed the South Atlantic in 1929; The German bomber Heinkel He 111 E-1 and a C-19 autogyro, designed by Juan de la Cierva, who flew for the first time in 1932.

The outer zone is divided into seven platforms where it is exposed from the giant Stratotanker plane to the tiny Airtruck, passing by helicopters, seaplanes and combat reactors.