Visit of the Minister of Culture of Equatorial Guinea

Visit of the Minister of Culture of Equatorial Guinea

Last friday ,our school had the pleasure of receiving the visit of Miss Guillermina Mekuy Mba Obono, writer, entrepreneur and current Minister of Culture and handicraft development of Equatorial Guinea.

Guillermina Mekuy is 34 years old and from Evinayong ( Guinea ). She is the first woman to hold the position of Minister of Culture and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea. His literary career has been prolific since the age of 17 years in which he published his first novel “The howl of the dog” (2005 Plaza y Janés). She is also the author of “The Three Virgins of St. Thomas” (2008 Santillana Editorial) and “Three Souls for a Heart” (2011 Martinez Roca). In 2013 she founded the women’s magazine Meik, the essence of miscegenation, and in 2016 she founded Mk Publishing in her country Equatorial Guinea.

As she confessed to us on her arrival,  ” I wanted very much to know personally  Montfort , of which I already had excellent references in my country, a school known for its important community of Equatorial Guinean students”.

The Minister visited the classrooms from kindergarten through high school, and had the opportunity to have an interesting meeting with our guinean students , which were truly pleased to meet her.

We thank you very much for your visit Guillermina.