Trinity College of London exams june 2019 call

Trinity College of London exams june 2019 call

As traditional in our school our students will sit again for Trinity College exams on the 12th of June for ISE R&W , and on 11th 12th ,13th & 14th for GESE and ISE S&L . This year , our school again will be sending candidates from Year 2 (Level 1), and up to Second of Bachillerato (Levels 11-12).

A few words about  G.E.S.E. exams (Graded examinations in spoken english):

There are 12 grades of G.E.S.E. , grouped into four stages: Beginners, Elementary , Intermediate and Advanced.
-Beginners(Grades 1-3)
-Elementary (Grades 4-6)
-Intermediate (Grades 7-9)
-Advanced (Grades 10-12)
The ratings are assigned to the Common European Framework of Reference and enjoy official  and worldwide recognition in companies, public organizations and higher education institutions.
The number of tasks in a test depend on the stage, according to the following structure review:
-Grades 1-3- Conversation with the examiner. 5-7 minutes.
-Grades 4-6- 10 minutes conversation with the examiner of , with introduction of a presentation by the candidate topic (topic).
-Grades7-9-  15 minutes conversation with examiner with a presentation (topic) and discussion of a topic (interactive task)
-Grades 10-12- 25 minutes conversation with the examiner with presentation,  topic discussion, along with listening comprehension task (listening task)


The I.S.E. exams (Integrated skills in english ) assess the four language skills : speaking, writing, listening and reading – interacting with each other as they´d do in the real world.
 There are 5 I.S.E. grades: ISE 0 , ISE I, ISE II , ISE III and ISE IV , which correspond to grades 4 , 6, 8, 11 and 12 of the spoken exams ( G.E.S.E. ).
All candidates , both GESE´s and ISE´s will carry out an specific preparation for the exam by our English department teachers.