Three days of learning in nature

Three days of learning in nature

Our students from first to third year of Primary Education have enjoyed three wonderful days at the El Alamo school farm  , in the mountain town of Brunete.
The group spent a few sunny and fun days ,enjoying and learning in nature. They developed their own road notebook , traveled a rustic  path, and visited the farm animals, where they handmade lavender soap and cologne.

They enjoyed a display of flying and were introduced to the ancient art of falconry. They also had the chance to milk the farm cows and make cheese and butter that they after ate!

They have been in the mill, learning to separate the grain from the husk, making flour and finally baked the bread.

But certainly what they liked most was when they attended the birth of a little goat!. It was truly a whole live science class . In addition, at night, they danced and have fun in a fantastic evening at the disco.

We thank the teachers, Mr. Adrian, Don Raul, Miss Pilar and Miss Anastasia for organizing this stay of three days and two nights in this privileged natural environment and taking care of our children with love and dedication always they have characterized them. Thank you and congratulations to the four!