School care after confinement measures on covid19

School care after confinement measures on covid19

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dear families :

In these hard and demanding times for all of us. , and after the publication in the Spanish Official State Bulletin (BOE) on Sunday 29th the Royal decree-law on the new measures of house confinement to deal with the covid19 pandemic, which goes through the suspension of “non-essential activities” of our society ; we want to inform our families , students and workers  that our school will proceed to maintain the following services: online teaching, maintenance activities, as well as a virtual Secretary with minimum services on the phone: +34676522320 (also WhatsApp)

The world is living an unprecedented historical moment . The COVID-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on the health of our loved ones, and it is affecting the companies we depend on, the good state of the world economy, as well as our daily lives. The school is together with its students and families as we face these unprecedented and constantly evolving challenges.

Thank you all very much for the effort you are making these days to adapt to new circumstances: teachers, families , students and school staff, together we make that Montfort won’t stop.♥