Online academic care during the covid19 crisis

Online academic care during the covid19 crisis

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”.

Winston Churchill

Dear families and students:

In compliance with  the recent measures imposed by the Community of Madrid due to the Coronavirus epidemic,  Montfort School maintains its teaching activity online, according to the following guidelines:

1/All students will attend their classes online from home according to the following schedule:

MODULE 1 9: 30-10: 25

MODULE 2 10: 25-11: 25

MODULE 3 12: 00-12: 45

MODULE 4 12: 45-13: 30

MODULE 5 14: 50-15: 30

MODULE 6 15: 30-16: 15

MODULE 7 16: 15-16: 50

2/In case there are adjustments in the schedule, these will be communicated in advance.
3/Montfort School has acquired the ZOOM application ( to carry out online teaching activities.
4/The use of this application is free for students.
5/Each class is associated with an email account which is used by teachers when they have to give their class to that group.
6/This is the distribution of the email accounts with each class and the registration link to the sessions scheduled for each school day. The inscription is done only once with the data of the requested student. The teachers will roll each day as if it were a face-to-face class:

Host teacher account Associated class group REGISTRATION link in the session 2nd BACH A 2nd BACH B 1st BACH TO 1º BACH B 4th ESO 3rd ESO A / B (schedule 3rd A) 2º ESO 1º ESO 6th EP 5th EP

7/Each student is asked to register for their session with their corresponding link before starting classes tomorrow Thursday.
At the beginning of each day, the teachers of each subject will send the contents to be seen in the class. Tomorrow, Thursday, the first session will be used to familiarize students with the application and resolve any incidents that may arise. From the second module on, you will work according to the known schedule. Homework submitted today will be reviewed.
Teachers will be available for consultation at their email addresses.
The notebooks will be reviewed at the end of this period in order to assess the use of virtual classes.
The report exams scheduled for the week of March 23 will be carried out under the conditions we have for those dates.


Students in these courses will receive assignments daily by ClassDojo, so it will not be necessary to connect to the ZOOM application a priori.
Parents or guardians can request a virtual tutorial from the subject teacher that will be scheduled according to the class schedule in that subject through the ZOOM platform. The request will be made to the teacher by his email account or through Anastasia Aparicio.
The teacher of a subject can request the students of a class to connect to the ZOOM platform in order to have a group activity according to the schedule of that subject. Communication will be done through ClassDojo and the email of the families.
Communication between teachers and families will be done through email accounts or ClassDojo.


The MBS families have received through ClassDojo the guidelines on how academic support has been organized for their students. In the event that any family does not have their ClassDojo account activated, they should contact Anastasia Aparicio (
We want to express my gratitude to all the families for their support and understanding. We are aware that these circumstances are not pleasant for anyone. All  Montfort College teachers are committed  to maintain the highest quality in this situation in the continuation of the teaching activity.

All of us are at your disposal to answer any questions or concerns.

We wish for all families, teachers and collaborators, as well as for our loved ones, that we stay healthy during this time of health crisis.

24/7 WhatsApp service phone number for technical and other questions: + 34 676 522 320📱