Montfort virtual School

Montfort virtual School

Due to the drastic public health measures adopted in a large part of the educational world on the Covid19 outbreak, our team of teachers has in no time advanced thoroughly in the implementation of our MONTFORT VIRTUAL SCHOOL.

Different forms of collaborative work will be carried out in our virtual classrooms, setting up a teaching scenario through the resources that our team of teachers continually post in the cloud.

Virtual training facilitates the management of academic information and contents for both those who produce or reproduce knowledge, and for learners, and is mediated by information and communication technologies (ICT), which provide more stimulating learning tools and motivating than traditional ones.

It is undoubtedly a self-training system where each student is responsible for their own learning and knowledge. The physical space of the classroom is extended to the entire virtual universe, highlighting its potential for ubiquity.

In the midst of this very dreadful global crisis, the health of our students, teachers, workers and families must be the supreme good to protect, nevertheless striving at the same time to continue providing our students academically the very best we can.

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