Montfort, a UNICEF friend school

Montfort, a UNICEF friend school

Our school signs an agreement supporting UNICEF and joining their Friend Schools program.

Montfort school has always stood out for its social commitment. Enrédate” is UNICEF’s educational program aimed at schools to promote awareness of the Rights of Children and the exercise of solidarity and responsible global citizenship.

UNICEF Spanish Committee is one of the 36 national committees of UNICEF to contribute to the work of the United Nations Fund for Children.
Their goal: to ensure that the children rights around the world to health, education and protection are met.

The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) was established in 1946 in New York, and is the leading international organization working to promote the welfare of children making real changes in their lives.

Its work is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the most widely ratified treaty in the world of human rights.

Our school greatly appreciates the approach that UNICEF brings to the solidarity of schools that incorporate their educational plans in the active defense of children, offering solutions and developing proposals for education in values.

Our students of Ed. Infantil, Ed. Primary and Ed. Secondary can learn about child rights and global solidarity through multimedia resources suitable also for whiteboard. These activities are designed to be used in unique work sessions or to be incorporated into programming throughout the school year.