Montfort British school November newsletter>

Montfort British school November newsletter>





This Term’s News:

Dear Parents/Carers,
We hope that everyone is enjoying being back in school and getting back into the routines.
After another busy term working hard everday with our boys and girls, we are all looking forward to our well deserved Christmas holidays.

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School Development

Since the beginning of term, the school has made several mayor improvements. The classrooms and corridors are being updated and we have bought many fantastic resources including computer software and outdoor equipment. On the other hand , we have increased MBS´s library bibliographical resources.
Special Events
Each teacher will be meeting with each family to discuss the progress of their children and the developments that have been made in the school. You will receive the dates as soon as they are confirmed!.


Important Dates

Dec/Jan – Parents Tutorials
Dec – Reports handed out
Dec Week of 17th – Christmas show



Headteacher –Mr. Alberto Bolivar

Technical Director- Mr. Jesús Núñez

Head of Studies – Ms Anastasia Aparicio

Co-ordinator- Mr. Alexander Wickham

Year 4-Mr Matthew Campbell

Year 3-Mr Ruairi Wilson
Year 2-Mr Tyler Wright
Year 1- Ms Bethany Quayle

Reception- Ms Rowan Hayworth
Nursery- Ms Fyona

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries or feedback you may have!

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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller