Construction of geometric figures and “neopop” workshop

Construction of geometric figures and “neopop” workshop

Our families work together with the school holding workshops with our students. Here is the testimony of one of our mothers of 4th A of Primary:

“I really enjoyed it because they loved it!. They made a neopop art workshop inspired in Brazilian artist Romero Britto who mixes in his work cubist paintings, graffiti and pop art. I thought that some of the boys and girls might not be happy with the result, as I studied the profile of each of them and the type of photo you brought and it was I who said if would make the hair of Lady Gaga, Madonna’s face or image of Neymar …. as this painter has portrayed almost all the famous. But to my surprise everyone was happy with the final result and i was even happier seeing how our boys and girls have enjoyed the activity “.

Thank you for bringing us such a nice activity to our school!

Below you can see some of the colorful results.




IMG_2572       IMG_2570