Christmas festival 2019

Christmas festival 2019

Students and families enjoy our 2019 Xmas Festival!

With the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays, students from Nursery to 6th of Primary School  presented the Xmas Festival to families. On the other hand , ESO and Baccalaureaters  delighted us with a new edition of MONTFORT GOT TALENT.

We were  able to enjoy plays and carols, monologue contest, dances, songs, chocolate party, 2  birthdays and even a visit of the Magi prepared with all the enthusiasm by their high school mates so that our youngests  have a terrific time & receive these lovely dates happily.
Thanks everyone for all the efforts, and to the families, thank you for supporting us with your presence!!

The last day of class is usually a day of mixed feelings: on one hand, we are happy because the holidays begin, but on the other, we also know that for a while we will not see many of our friends or teachers.
Be that as it may, our boys & girl  have had a great time on the last day.

And after all, this will be a great memory to be taken during the holidays.

Happy Holidays to all !. See you on January 8th ,  with recharged batteries & renewed energies!!🎅🏻