Chinese classes

Chinese classes

Our Chinese language students receive a diploma of recognition for their all year work.

Our students of Mandarin Chinese classes have received from their teachers a certificate of recognition to his work during this school year, as a reward for the effort made to learn this language , increasingly important internationally.

The Chinese language (Hanyu, 汉语) is the most spoken language in the world, with more than nine hundred million speakers (one fifth of the world population) who have it as their mother tongue. It is natively spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Mandarin Chinese (beijinghua, 北京 话) is one of the northern dialects (which is spoken in Beijing, the capital), and is the language we know as Chinese. It belongs to the family of Chinese languages, which  is part of the Sino-Tibetan family. It’s official nationwide. It is also called Putonghua (普通话, “common speech”), being used as the lingua franca throughout China. All its words are monosyllabic.

The globalized world opens its doors to those who master their languages, so from Montfort School we want to give every opportunity to our students to learn from the earliest stages.

We beleive that families greatly appreciate the varied  offer of  language training at our school, not only English, but also FrenchGerman and Chinese.

Congratulations to the students, teachers and, of course, families.