3D art workshop in 5th of Primary

3D art workshop in 5th of Primary

This month we have been working the three dimensions. Learning the work of the artist Alexander Calder, we tried versioning in the class his famous movable sculptures, adding the peculiarity that they had to be drawings in the air, and that from a certain point of view the meaning was to be seen. We also worked in the subject of science building our own planetarium.
It has been a precious work where students have found difficulties sometimes but they were encouraged not to abandon and overcome all the adversities emerging along the way.

The result has been mobile works full of color that decorate our classes and that we want to share with everyone. We are very proud of our kids.

You can see all their fantastic works in the links below:


Antennae with Red and Blue Dots 1960 Alexander Calder 1898-1976