2016 Chinese New Year

2016 Chinese New Year

Our students receive 2016, the Year of the monkey

Montfort school beleives that  language learning can not be isolated from the knowledge of the culture, uses and traditions, so our team of Chinese teachers have organized the celebration of Chinese New Year in our school.

2016 Chinese New Year falls on February 8th.  It is an annual celebration marking the start of the year according to the Chinese lunisolar calendar. Chinese New Year always falls in the months of January or February, and each New Year is represented by 1 of the 12 creatures of the Chinese Zodiac – 2016 is the year of the Monkey. The celebration is also known as the Spring Festival and in ancient times it used to be a signal to farmers in China to begin preparation for the sowing of their fields.

Our families and students had the chance to enjoy traditional chinese activities and games that helped them understand this ancient culture, so that the language acquires a real, everyday dimension that gives meaning to the learning, improving motivation for their study.

Click on the link or on the poster to see the full report that the media have elaborated about this interesting and colorful activity in our school.