Montfort British school celebration ceremony

Montfort British school celebration ceremony

On Saturday June 18th we celebrated the Solemn Act of End of Course of Montfort British School. And what better way to celebrate could be than accompanied by our students and their families, who are the real protagonists, the main actors in this fascinating process of our children education.

We also had the honor of the presence of authorities and renowned personalities of the educational world: Don Jesús Núñez Velázquez.General Director of Montfort School, Mr. Adrian Massam, president of NABSS, Don Franc Corbí,  member of the Board of ACADE and executive NABSS, besides the vice-chancellors of the UAX and directors of different prestigious colleges.

To enliven the event, we were offered an excellent concert piano and flute by two students of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts.

Our classrooms this course are filled with colorful, they have become collaborative learning spaces, spaces of motivation and discovery spaces. But not only the classrooms, the whole school has been transformed into a place where our students have experienced, they have learned and grown in knowledge, skills and values, all critical skills for life.

The lives of our children, the most beloved of our school, is so beautiful, so happy, so creative, that every little step they take is for us cause and reason for celebration and tribute.

So we did not want to miss this opportunity to celebrate with solemnity and joy that have a lifetime ahead, when the world is in your hands, where dreams are possible, the men and women of the XXI century have taken its first steps between us.