American High School Program

The Dual Baccalaureate is the brand new exciting opportunity  that our school offers its students from 2nd year of ESO (13 years).

This option will allow our students to obtain two official diplomas at the same time: the Spanish Baccalaureate and the American Baccalaureate or High School. There are 6 compelling reasons why we have decided to offer this modality in our school:

  • Our students receive the same qualification as American students when they finish high school, recognized in all US states and all the universities in the world.
  • The possibility of studying at universities in the United States. Having been in contact with the American system before starting college will definetly be a big plus to be taken into account.
  • The hours of learning English. How many times have we been told that languages ​​are essential? The six additional subjects will allow them to acquire a solvent level of the language.
  • Academic enriched Students will have access to different teaching and evaluation systems.
  • Say goodbye to the TOEFL!. This qualification saves any exams to certify the level of languages. The American universities consider the Dual Baccalaureate more than enough of an acreditation of the language.
  • Adaptation to multicultural environments. Our students will come into contact with different cultures, which is a guarantee in our ever-changing  global society.
  • The implementation of this system (optional for our students), will be carried out in 2019/2020 academic year.
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