Bilingual English/Spanish

Bilingüe en inglésSince its very  foundation, Colegio Montfort believed  that, in the multiglobal world we are to live and work in , the language training is one of the fundamental pillars for the future of the students.

From early childhood , since 2 years, in the Primary and along the Secondary Education and Bachillerato, students receive a significant portion of their education in English, with native and bilingual teachers. We strongly believe that the sooner they start their bilingual training with great dedication to the English language, the easier and faster their learning will be.

In the National Curriculum , we devote 90% of the school day to the teaching of English in the stages of  2-9 years ,  60% in Primary education ( 10-12 years), and 40% in the 1st & 2nd courses of E.S.O. (12-14 years old).

In 3rd & 4th of Secondary Education  (14-15 ) and in Baccalaureate (16-18 ) levels, although the curriculum is taught in spanish language,  the teaching of English is designed for our students to be able to obtain, as a minimum requirement , levels 8 and 10 respectively in the external test of the G.E.S.E. Trinity College of London Examination , i.e. a level B2 and C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.