Secondary Education and Baccalaureate

Secondary Education and Baccalaureate

Educación Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato

In the Secondary (E.S.O.) and Baccalaureate stages , Colegio Montfort offers a positive and cordial school environment, in which the acquisition of knowledge and skills go hand in hand with the education in values: order, discipline, respect, tolerance, compliance with rules, timeliness, uniform, study and effort; and pride for the well done job.

The Educational Project of the school is oriented towards the permanent improvement of the students’ results, both in the internal and external examinations.

In Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate, the teaching of English is designed so that our students can obtain a level 8 and 10 respectively in the external test of the Trinity, i.e. a level B2 and C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Our students do not respond to a stereotype. People are diverse and unique with their own personality, character, and specific traits. But they must all be holders of a style that distinguish them and enable them to participate with a guarantee for success.

We fully take over the commitment for the formation in this style, which is articulated around the great universal moral values: tolerance, solidarity, respect, friendship ,honesty, responsibility, effort …

Our action is complemented also with an exquisite attention to the social values such as courtesy, order, spirit of dialog, moderation, prudence, elegance. Ultimately, our students are morally upright beings, socially sound and intellectually capable.

Secondary and Baccalaureate stages ( 14- 18 years ) are thaught in spanish language.