Infant Education

Infant Education

In Infant Education (2-6 years), Colegio Montfort  develops an innovative educational project of its own, which promotes the acquisition of values, skills and the basic techniques of learning that will serve as a basis for the entire life.

We offer the British Curriculum of England and Wales in early  levels of  Pre-Nursery, (1 and 2 years), Nursery, (3 years), Reception (4 years) , Year 1, (5 years) and 2 (6 years) from 2015/2016.
• All groups are taught by 2 qualified native teachers from Britain with the same requirements as those in schools in the UK
• Real immersion in English
• Customized education
• Reduced groups to enhance participation and personalization.
• Fun, practical, interactive and motivating method
• Educational system officially recognized and with prestige in Spain and in universities of Europe and the USA
Our  project pays special attention to the first steps in the language and to a bilingual education in English (90% of the day ).

Only Literacy is taught in Spanish, so that they learn the English language in a natural, entertaining way, like their mother tongue. The English teachers only speak in English to the students, including at dining rooms and playgrounds.

We generate an atmosphere of physical, emotional and academic security, promoting confidence amongst children and families. Our recreational areas are well defined and structured by age. At all times children are accompanied by their teachers.

Colegio Montfort  project for the Education of Young Children includes encyclopaedic contents from early ages (bits of culture), in order to work out the neuronal connexions and promote the creation of habits (hygienic & food) and values, as a fundamental pillar in our educational proposal (respect, order, patience, taste for a job well done, effort, collaboration. Our schedules are well developed and sequenced, made with seriousness and thoroughness, within a very affective framework  that makes pupils  highly motivated  towards learning.

Classrooms are equipped with computers and digital white boards as work tools, with educational software specific to English, Literacy and Calculus.

Psychomotricity is supplemented with swimming lessons every week all year round , in our indoor swimming pool located in the same building as the classrooms.

Colegio Montfort understands that the collaboration with the family is one of the fundamental pillars to achieve success in education. Therefore, daily information is sent regarding the day of each child about food, afternoon snack, nap, and sphincter control.

We work with families in the diaper withdrawal process, and the school staff takes care of any incident in the development of sphincter control with laundry service. In addition we offer extended hours ( nursery service from 8 am and in the afternoon until 18.00 hours) .