Primary Education

Educación PrimariaColegio Montfort offers in 5th and 6th of Primary Education an educational project that promotes the generation of work habits in the class and at home, the acquisition of values, skills and basic learning techniques that will serve as a basis for the entire life.

With an ideal ratio of students per class, our project pays special attention to languages and bilingual education in English (they receive 60% of the day in this language) , so that they learn it in a natural, fun and entertaining way, becoming the main language of communication in large part of the subjects, in addition to the English Language class itself. From the first cycle of Primary Education, the students of Colegio Montfort attend Trinity College Examinations, with a 100% pass rate. In addition, from 5th form,  French as a third language is included in the official curriculum.

The educational project of Colegio Montfort offers academic content above the core curriculum, both in Mathematics, Language and Science. To enhance the logical-mathematical reasoning, the school has developed a program of math problems adapted to each age range of the children, which is reflected in the results obtained in the external tests. In addition, we use an on line interactive program in Mathematics. All the classrooms of Primary Education are equipped with digital white boards and multimedia equipment.

The pupils of Primary Education receive computer classes taught by a specialist from 3rd form onwards. Physical education classes (sport and mobility) also include Swimming within the school curriculum, teaching and refining the different styles of swimming.

Musical education is taught by a specialist, a conservatory teacher. From from 3rd form onwards they begin to practice the flute.

Educación Primaria