Extracurricular activities

Given that education is much more than instruction , Montfort school offers the students a wide array of activities designed to promote personal growth, make free time a positive value and discover skills and attitudes that can  be projected to the future of the pupils.

Actividades extracurricularesTennis school
Learning of the most complete techniques of this beautiful sport. 3 Levels: beginners, advanced and refinement.

Actividades extracurriculares




Actividades extracurricularesFootball school
Football, as team sport, promotes in the students  integration,  sense of group,  ‘socialisation’ . In addition to its positive impact on the development of different physical and mental qualities, such as resistance, strength, speed or flexibility,  motivation and self-confidence.

Actividades extracurricularesJudo school
Cultivates the physical qualities such as the reflexes, coordination and balance, as well as mental qualities.

Physical training school
Works to strengthen the basic physical qualities: endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, rhythm, speed and agility. Favours the growth of the fitness needed. It works according to the phenotypic characteristic of the student. The school has a wide variety of fitness equipment.

Music school
Studies of piano, violin and organ are a help to complete the musical training of the students, and place them in our centre within the framework of the history of culture.

Actividades extracurricularesChess school & club
From initial level, the students incorporate chess in its educational environment : Combinations, the study of possibilities, strategy, insight, the value of silence, attention and concentration… there are so many intellectual values that are put into play that make this activity, in addition to pleasure, a great support for the development of intelligence.

Dance school
With Ballet, Rhythmic Dance, Flamenco, Spanish Dance and Jazz. Excellent activity  that enriches the physical-psychological side of the students, becoming a very important part of their comprehensive  education.

Actividades extracurricularesBillboard of 30th Aniversary of our Tennis school.

Roller skating school

Skating develops coordination, safety, companionship and lots of fun. These are some of the reasons why the new extracurricular activity that we have implemented  has generated such good acceptance and has aroused the interest of students, and families.

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