Extracurricular activities

Given that education is much more than instruction , Montfort school offers the students a wide array of activities designed to promote personal growth, make free time a positive value and discover skills and attitudes that can  be projected to the future of the pupils.


Tennis is a lifetime sport that can be played and enjoyed by people of any age and of every ability. Whether you’re picking up a tennis racquet for the first time or you’ve played the game for years, you’ll find that tennis is a sport whose bounty of benefits is unmatched by any other sport or activity. It’s a great way to stay fit, make friends, spend quality time with your family life – and have fun! Tennis is a sport that can add years to your life and life to your years. When you find yourself in the game, you’ll find yourself in a happier, healthier place.

Football, as a team sport, promotes in the students  integration,  sense of group,  team work . In addition to its positive impact on the development of different physical and mental qualities, such as resistance, strength, speed or flexibility,  motivation and self-confidence.


Judo, olimpic sport since 1964, its a classic in schools around the world. Its a superb martial art that cultivates the physical qualities such as flexibility, strength , reflexes, coordination and balance, as well as mental qualities.


Works to strengthen the basic physical qualities: endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, rhythm, speed and agility. Favours the growth of the fitness needed. It works according to the phenotypic characteristic of the student. The school has a wide variety of fitness equipment.


Boxing in schools would make the cut for a perfect fitness lesson. It is a physical exercise that unclogs veins and begets perfect cardiovascular health and fitness.

Whether it is punching a speedball, pads or a heavy bag, that the same way you cannot swim without wetting your suit, punching anything isn’t possible unless you are fit to do so. In the end, students who gain weight because they eat a lot of junk food will have embraced the best way to shed fat.

On mental fitness, it would interest you to note that while fistfights are often aggressive, boxers are some of calmest people you can ever meet. They have been through intense lessons of self-control, something that elevates their mental wellness.


Many people all over the world love to play paintball and there are countless reasons why. The positive aspects of paintball outweigh any negatives. It is a fun and thrilling sport that makes you feel alive!

Apart from the team building , when you play paintball, you get a full body workout. Between running across the field, dodging and ducking behind bunkers, and jumping out of the way, you are sure to get your heart racing and burn some calories. If you play long enough, you will also find yourself gaining some muscles.

Studies of piano, violin and organ are a help to complete the musical training of the students, and place them in our centre within the framework of the history of culture.


From initial level, the students incorporate chess in its educational environment : Combinations, the study of possibilities, strategy, insight, the value of silence, attention and concentration… there are so many intellectual values that are put into play that make this activity, in addition to pleasure, a great support for the development of intelligence in our kids.

With Ballet, Rhythmic Dance, Flamenco, Spanish Dance and Jazz. Excellent activity  that enriches the physical-psychological side of the students, becoming a very important part of their comprehensive  education.

Actividades extracurriculares


Skating develops coordination, safety, companionship and lots of fun. These are some of the reasons why the new extracurricular activity that we have implemented  has generated such good acceptance and has aroused the interest of students, and families.


As China grows to be the world’s next superpower, schools are scrambling to implement Mandarin Chinese into foreign language curricula.  In 2013, the US Department of Education reported that Mandarin was the second-most popular dual-language education programme offered by individual states, losing out only to Spanish.

Few would argue about the benefits of adding another foreign language to the school curriculum. For Mandarin Chinese specifically, such classes can prepare students to compete in a globalised world where the US and China are projected to be its two biggest players. Beyond brighter career prospects, there are shorter-term benefits including insight into one of the world’s oldest cultures, knowledge of the intricacies of the pictograms and semi-phonetic ideograms that make up its characters, as well as the opportunity to converse with the largest population in the world.