School Philosophy

The basic principles on which our education is founded are:

1.- The life and organisation in the school are focused towards the present and future welfare of the pupils.

2.- Colegio Montfort aims to provide a comprehensive education as well as guidance, support and co-operation with the parents in all aspects relating to the education of their children.

3.- Freedom and personal responsibility are the main values Colegio Montfort aims to instil in its pupils

4.- Colegio Montfort provides a humanist education that gives its pupils a personal view on historic, religious, social and scientific matters so that they can have their own judgement on important issues.

5.- Our education system aims to provide our pupils with self-esteem, adaptation capacity, imagination, personal initiative and emotional balance so that they can face a fast-changing complex global society in an active and responsible way

6.- Encourage solidarity among our pupils, attaching great importance to personal work (the main factor in individual progress) oriented to sociability and co-operation, but not to rivalry or ambition

7.- The methodology of Colegio Montfort takes into account the characteristic of each pupil, offering a highly personalised education.

8.- Throughout all the stages of our education we attach great importance to personal values, which are the only way to achieve human welfare and happiness.

9.- Our educational project aims to offer a modern, efficient, active, flexible and ever-improving school.

icono_PDFSchool Philosophy