On 13th October 1964, the B.O.E. (Spanish Official Bulletin) published an article announcing the creation of Colegio Montfort, declaring it an institution of social importance.

From its foundation, Colegio Montfort has developed a consistent educational style that ensures continuity and coherence, from 2 years  up to University. We offer Infant Education (2-5 years old), Primary (6-11 years old), Compulsory Secondary Education E.S.O. (12-15 years old) and Spanish Baccalaureate ,Bachillerato ( 16-18 years old) with the four options for University access: Biosanitary, Social Sciences ,and Humanities.

One of our main priorities is to provide our students with a solid training in foreign languages. We offer bilingual education in English ( from 2-14 years ) and all our pupils study at least three languages. Complementing their curriculum with French , German (optional) and Mandarin Chinese (optional).

Historia” If you always a aim at the sky, at worst  you will be on the right road”.
Santiago de Santiago