General information

Información General
• An all-inclusive academic institution. A singular educational option that guarantees a fine, solid and advanced education.

• With the highest academic requirements to ensure the success of our pupils. A comprehensive educational system that goes along with them in their physical emotional and human development.

• From Infant education up to University .

• Educational levels: Infant Education, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education (E.S.O.) and Spanish Baccalaureate (Bachillerato)

British system from pre-nursery ( 2 years ) to year 6 (10 years )

Bilingual education in English ( from 11 up to 14 years of age).

• English language certificates:  Trinity College of London  G.E.S.E.s & I.S.E.

• French as third language from 10 years. German and Mandarin Chinese as optional.

Intelligence stimulation programmes (In infant Education).

• Special activity programmes for fast learning students: H.A.P. (High Academic Performance).